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Elmwood Health Centre

We aim to care for all your health needs, and this web site will help you make the best use of the services that we offer.

Welcome to Elmwood Health Center, your personal assistant to the world of health needs. We strive to deliver the utmost care whenever one contacts us. That’s why we designated this web site in the way it facilitates access to extended services we offer daily, our working hours, and repeat prescription options.

Our practice involves decades of experience and today, we are fully computerized. Our team is a depositary of primary care professionals who do not compromise on the quality of services. You can rest assured knowing your health is in the right and professional hands.

Who Work with Us?

Starting from the management team which makes it happen up to dedicated experts who know inside out of their specialization. At Elmwood Health Center, one can find nurses, health visitors, social workers, physiotherapists, and many others from the medical and pharmaceutical groups. They have years of work in hospitals, administrative facilities, and underwent training and courses to boost their efficacy in delivering care. They yearly pass certification and have all documents at hand to practice legally. With us, you won’t make your well-being worse but achieve a decent improvement.

Why Us?

At Elmwood Health Center, our services follow the latest standards and comply with the current legislation. We do not provide doubtful or illegal services that may harm one or lead to legal proceedings. The same, we share awareness of risks of self-treating and diagnosing without your doctor’s approval. Among the basic set of options with us, you can access minor surgery, child health counseling with help, hospice daycare unit. And, of course, we are ready to accommodate individuals’ requests about family planning. Treatment, contraceptive advice and other practices that aim to enlarge your family unit in the society. To those, who seek help with quitting smoking, our nurses may prescribe signature treatment and follow up until there are visible and confirmed results. And, many more you can get to know by contacting us.

We understand that at some point in life, one can require an urgent emergency. You can rely on us and call our center, so we will instantly provide you with the necessary care to prevent negative outcomes both during working/non-working hours. However, please be responsible and do it only when you fully understand you cannot wait till morning.

To move with times, we have one more solution for you. You can repeat a prescription with us. It is not always necessary to pay a visit to doctors to collect a prescription. So, to make it easier, we can do it for you. Note, this service is available only for the collection of the previously agreed refills.